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I need a vaction from my Vacation

Well it's been a very long two weeks.

It started out the day I left for North Carolina, my Mom tripped on a rock and hurt her leg, busted a vein as we later found out when we finally made her go to the doctor. I drove from Mississippi across Alabama through Tennessee cutting through Georgia and up the insanely steep and winding roads to my parent's summer home in Cashers, NC. It is a very nice place they have up there, lots of trees and a stream. It would have been nice to hike it a bit, but it never stopped raining, not one day.

Oh well my Mom was laid up with her banged up leg and I ended up doing most of the cooking (don't laugh I can cook Ok when I'm not feeling lazy). I fixed my dad's computer, helped cut a lot of brush (this is what my Mon was doing when she tripped) and generally tried to make myself useful. It was quite a bit of fun, I got to go to two really great Concerts featuring chamber music and ate out at some great restraints. Then came Sunday, my parents do the snowbird thing and live in Florida in my Grandfathers old house. That Sunday after checking the weather on the computer (no TV up there) good old Hurricane Dennis was landing 200 miles from our house down there. We went and ate brunch at a high class restaurant (I had Egg's Benedict over crab cakes, yummy). We went inside and there were three messages from the next door neighbor in Florida. A huge tilde surge had hit and there was a lot of damage. My dad called her up to find out how bad it really was, she keep saying out steps where in her yard (the step were new, my parents just sent off the $8,000 check for replacing them the week before) and that our dock was destroyed. I went on line and there was nothing about this, in fact all of the news reports said there was only minimal damage from Dennis and everything was OK. Blagh, the U.S. media really is useless.

I called up work the next day and requested an additional week off, we then packed up both of our vehicles, my Mom who's leg was swelling up and turning a nice purple/blue insisted on coming down with us. My dad called both of my brothers and Bobby my younger one took an unpaid week off to come down and help out. That was really nice of him, and he turned out to be super useful being an Air-condition repair Tech.

The trip down on Thursday was pretty smooth except for me getting lost a couple of times as usual, the yard of the house was pretty clean but Dad's workshop being on the ground level was a total disaster. We decided to work on cleaning up the next day, the AC was out in the house and my Dad had bought a couple of window AC units for my brother to install when he got there, it took him 14 hours to drive from Little Rock, he arrived around 10 O'clock, my parent were staying at the neighbors house (they are super nice people let me tell you) and he installed them in no time flat, I'm kind of use to sleeping in hot weather being a Desert Storm Vet, but the Ac was really nice once it kicked in.

I'll save the epic cleaning tale for later.

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