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My slighty insane life

Well on a bit of sad news a friend of a friend finally died of brain cancer. And since I was off of work it was really no problem to drive down to Hattiesbur it was only 300 miles.

So I went and picked up my buddy and he informed me we were going to meet up the the deceased sister and she would lead us down to the house, there was some problems with the owner of the house. Like throwing all of his stuff away. Hump, met up with her no problem, she had lived the past 25 years in California, problem, she drove 85 mph all the way down there, weaving in and out of traffic. If fact she pulled over one time and asked why I was flashing my lights at her, so I informed her that my friends hat was sliding all over my dashboard and keep covering up the light sensor and thus. After removing the hat we continued, you know a GMC Sonoma get really really bad gas millage at 85. Oh we no cops were sighted and in a bit we were there.

Guy who owned the house was a bit grumpy but not super bad, I thing he was up set at the death. Turns out the friend's friend was a Napoleonic collector, I loaded 22 boxes of books just about Napoleon and his time, in fact there was not much room for anything else. Yikes, neat stuff the house guy was annoyed said the books were suppose to go to the local university, we said yes but first they must be inventoried and some of the stuff was promised to other people. Then the sister got the keys to the deceased S10 pickup and drove off in it(with a flat tire). House owner got upset, we decided to be diplomacy and just get all the stuff and leave. The expended cab on my truck was so full of boxed of russian army miniatures (outfitted for winter, with sleds and mittens) I could not really see out the back, in fact my buddy had to sit with a box on his lap, and we stuff behind to pick up later.

We were staying overnight with some friends of my friend, really nice people, they sell war gaming miniatures and of course I bought some( a unit of British Colonial troops and some bit for terrain). Had a lot of great discussion of U.S. foreign policy as the husband was an immigrant. Lot's of stories about Iraq that never makes it into the American press.

Went back to the house the next day and dropped the sister off, she would repair the S10 or get a ride from other friends back to Memphis, and we would take her car which was also filled with junk. We ate lunch and then drove back to Oxford with a few stops along the way, one was the largest Wal-Mart on earth, I swear I'v been in aircraft hanger much smaller than that place, I did resist the urge to buy crap, the drive back was much slower and saner.

No really exciting news but it was one hell of a trip, and it did make everyone feel better one it was all said and done. Even the guy how owned the house was in a good mood by the time all was said and done.
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