oldhans117 (oldhans117) wrote,

Fun and stitches

Well I volunteered to help a friend of mine pack up his store, he had sold out and is getting into teaching. No big deal I worked retail for 5 years and know how to inventory and pack up merchandise. It went well for 4 hours until I tried moving a mirror, which decided to shatter when the frame it was in fell apart. At first it seemed to be just a mess and then one of the other guys Andy noticed I was bleeding, quite a bit on the front of my ankle. One quick trip to the local emergency room, where the nurse handed me a clip board like I'm suppose to fill out paper work while bleeding all over the place. I asked to see someone right away and do the paperwork later please. I hobbled to a back room and was looked at, the doctor who patched me up was pretty nice and two student nurses got to watch him work. It turned out to be no big deal, just three stitches, the bill was no fun $2,500 before my insurance, i only had to pay $204. I mean rally three lousy stitches and they charged my insurance two and a half grands? Oh well I did not work any more that day and just drove home. Ah my Friend Mike who I was helping even payed for the co-payment, a real nice gesture.
The worst part is I can not take showers until the stitches are out on Thursday, danger of infection.
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